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Fall Favorites: Squash Are In

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? For me, it’s colorful autumn leaves, sweater weather, pumpkins, and all the fall flavors: cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, mixed into a warm dish, usually including some variety of squash.

The most common winter squash are acorn, spaghetti, butternut, hubbard, and pumpkin. Each are versatile, flavorful, and nutritious. All winter squash have a golden- rich orange interior, offering an excellent source of beta-carotene, a precursor for Vitamin A. Winter squash are also packed with antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and contain Vitamin C, B6 and many minerals.

Spice up your fall recipe rotation and impress your dinner guests with a new seasonal squash treat!

Squash with kale and sausage.Acorn: Mild in flavor, and very versatile, named for its acorn shape. Choose one with a dull green rind. Try our Parmesan herb recipe here, or enjoy as a main dish stuffed with your favorite mix, like this

Butternut: Distinct bell shape, and muted yellow rind. Add to stew, roast with cinnamon and rosemary or try a decadent recipe like butternut squash lasagna

Hubbard: Look for a gray-blue hue. Try in a hash paired with sautéed onions, garlic, rosemary and olive oil. Top with a runny egg. Also try roasted as a side dish with a lean meat, like turkey or pork.

Pumpkin: Store in a cool dry place, and look for the “sugar” variety which will be sweeter than a standard variety. Try a pumpkin soup, add as an ingredient to overnight oats, or roast the seeds to enjoy as a nutritious snack.

Spaghetti: Oval and yellow, roast and scrape the distinct spaghetti-like strings for a new take on your favorite pasta dish.

Whats your favorite squash recipe?



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