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Detox after Vacation ? Do it the healthy way.

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

sliced lemons can be included in your natural, healthy food detox routine
Lemons are high in antioxidants, important for a healthy wellness reboot.

Best Cleanse for Gut Health and Overall Health?

Summertime is full of all the fun celebrations, parties, vacations, and warm weather, and with it comes delicious but often highly processed foods and drinks. 🍔🍷I don't know about you, but by the end of the summer season, my body needs some TLC. From days at the pool, to vacations at the beach/lake, my skin is dry, my energy is low, and I'm ready for a refresh.

The good news is, our bodies are amazingly equipped to process and metabolize foods and detoxify our system. We have lungs, kidneys, a liver, a colon, and skin that work together to do these processes and keep us on track.

So while we don’t need to "detox” via restrictive dieting, juice cleanses, smoothie diets, "detox after vacation" diets or other drastic measures, we can support our bodies to help them work more efficiently & effectively by giving it the nourishment it needs for a natural reset and reboot.

Reset, recharge, cleanse, whatever you want to call it, there is absolutely a place for it in your healthy lifestyle. But rather than an unsustainable drastic change, how about a revitalizing, rejuvenating kickstart with sustainable healthy habits to keep you feeling recharged for the long haul? Kick the post-vacation bloat, reduce inflammation, improve blood sugar, and improve your energy with these 4 tried-and-true hacks:


cruciferous vegetables help naturally detox your body
Anti-inflammatory cleanse with whole foods


  1. Antioxidants are key to cleansing toxins and ridding our body of free-radicals.

  2. Load up on the anti-inflammatory, fiber-rich foods throughout the day.

  3. Add in some gut-benefiting bacteria to get your gut health back on track. I know you've heard by now how important it is! If not, check out my gut health 101 post.

  4. Hydrate! increasing your water intake can help blood flow to help flush your system, while keeping your heart strong.


Want some extra support meeting with these four kickstart hacks? Check out my E-Book for actionable steps on how to feel your best.

Keep active to improve your metabolism and naturally detox your body
Exercise helps keep your heart rate up and energy flowing

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Please note, this information does not replace medical advice. Consult your medical provider or Registered Dietitian for individualized information and advice, especially if you have specific dietary needs.


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