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Expert-designed meal plans that save you time, energy, and keep you feeling your best

Nourish by Design

How it Works

Simplify your planning process by receiving a customized meal plan and grocery list in your email inbox weekly. 

All meal plans are created by expert Registered Dietitians and include whole foods that reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugars, and promote optimal health. 

Choose your plan below to get started

Subscriptions as low as $9/month  

Credit card not required for a 3-day free trial

Pair your customized meal plans with a personalized one-on-one session


A plan focused on health promoting, nutrient-rich foods that may reduce your risk of diseases commonly associated with inflammation in the body.  Optimize your routine with this 5-day plan.


A plan designed specifically for individuals following a low-FODMAP diet for IBS, IBD, and SIBO. 


With this plan, feel confident that you are receiving the nutrition needed to feel your best.

28-Day Refresh

 28 days worth of fiber-rich, nutrient-dense meals.  Promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugars and promote optimal health with this 4 -week plan

Plant-Based Vegan

Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-inflammatory foods that fit your plant-based routine. 


These plant-based recipes will keep you energized and nourished.

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