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2018 Gift Guide for your Food & Fitness Guru

Personalized gifts can be tough. Most years I search for weeks for the perfect gift, only to end up with a last-minute generic purchase - frustrating! If you're like me and strive to give the most personalized, meaningful gift possible, idea lists are essential. For the wellness guru in your family, look no further than my list below. These are a few of my favorite essentials for day-to-day food, fitness, health and wellness. Hopefully there's something here that will catch your eye!

In my experience, wellness fanatics are the pickiest. Avoid picking anything that someone would prefer to pick out on their own. In that case, a well-intentioned gift card with a brief explanation might fit the bill.

2018's Top Food and Fitness Gifts:

Mortar & Pestle

For the foodie on your list, a classic mortar and pestle can go a long way in the kitchen. From spices to dressings to guacamole, this gift is sure to be one for the books.

Looking for inspiration as to what to use it for? Check out this list of 10 quick and painless options.


Food Processor

Another kitchen essential for any friend or family member that enjoys cooking or baking. This guy makes quick work of tedious kitchen tasks like mixing dough, grating, chopping, etc. A workhorse that your gift receiver will surely be thankful for.


Reusable Water Bottle

A must-have for the health conscious. Reusable water bottles are ubiquitous nowadays, but Simple Modern is my favorite brand. Not only does it keep water cold for hours, the variety of sizes is perfect for meeting your specific H2O needs. I love my 40 oz. navy tumbler.


If you carry a reusable water bottle, you most likely also carry a reusable insulated coffee/tea mug. Both Simple Modern and Yeti can hold hot or cold beverages, but let's be real, who wants to use the same container for both coffee and water?

Classic Crockpot

A Crockpot is essential for those busy weeks with little or no time to make an elaborate dinner each night. Your wellness guru won't be able to use the "lack of time" excuse next time you request a week-night hangout.


A New Favorite Cookbook

If they're doing all this cooking, its likely that they may want some inspiration occasionally. For the busy wellness enthusiast, these are our favorites.

Run Fast Eat Slow

Eat Better Not Less

Nutritious and Delicious

Love & Lemons

Foam Roller

Anyone who regularly breaks a sweat should have a foam roller. By applying pressure to tight muscles, you relax the muscle and reduce the tension.

Need more convincing? Check out this list of how-to's.


Travel Yoga Mat

Constantly traveling or on-the-go? A portable, easily packable yoga mat is a great addition to anyone's carryon. No matter where you are, or how busy, a quick workout is possible and essential.


Wireless Speaker

Music is everything when it comes to a great workout. A portable speaker that is waterproof, lightweight, and of high quality is a top priority for the fitness enthusiast in your life.


Kettle Bell

A full-body workout for any fitness level. Great for resistance exercises, toning, cardio, you name it. When you hand over this gift, be sure to share this article on how to swing a kettle bell safely to avoid injury.


Avocado Slicer & Saver

Does this even need a convincing caption? Anyone that has ever handled an avocado knows they can be messy and frustrating. Who suggested stabbing a knife into a slippery pit that hovers just above your hand?! No thanks. An all-in-one slicer, pit-remover, and saver is a must-have for any avocado lover (basically everyone).


New Gym Bag

For your busiest friends that make gym-going a top priority, a quality bag is critical. One that can fit all of your nice clothes, a separate slot for shoes, and room for toiletries. Yep, you can thank me later.

Reusable Metal Straws

Your environmentally-conscious wellness geek might already have a set of reusable straws due to the movement to rid the planet of plastic. The numbers are staggering, actually. Helping someone make the switch to metal straws is a small gift that goes a long way toward cleaning up our oceans and environment.


With only a few short weeks until Christmas, you better get shopping!

And remember, while a physical gift is wonderful gesture, the real gift is the joy of spending time with loved ones this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.*



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