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The Well Mom- By Design.

Hey Mom, 

I'm right there with you, in the thick of motherhood - the roller coaster of the great, the not so great, and everything in between.  A stay at home mom - when days blur together; when time feels like it stands still and races by at the same time; when there's little to no time for ourselves. 

This community is for you. The mom's who seek a community for healthy fellowship; to thrive and meet wellness goals, all while taking care of our babes.  Whether yours are 2 or 12, join us to seek your healthiest self, motherhood and all. 

strong woman's back muscles while exercising
broccoli and chicken in a bowl
mom and happy daughter exercising and playing in living room
strong woman working out
Fresh grapes, asparagus, tomatoes and herbs on the counter ready to eat

Join Me!

Mom & Kiddo wellness chats:  Join me for casual chat about a topic of the day. Light snacks (Mama + kid-friendly!) provided. $20 per talk!

Breakfast with Brooke: Picture a picnic book club in the park, wellness style. Bring a blanket (kids if you need to!) and your burning wellness questions. Let's chat. Seasonal. 

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